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There are 48 hours left to make your 2013 tax-deductible contribution to The Deconstructive Theatre Project.

I believe so strongly in this company’s ability to continue breaking new ground in science, the performing arts, and arts education that I’ve agreed to match every donation up to $1,000 that comes in between now and December 31 at midnight. Your contribution – no matter the size – will work twice as hard for the company that Letters from the Mezzanine has called “so purposeful and…not only unique, but also innovatively reflective on the future of the performing arts,” and Brooklyn Council member Diana Reyna has singled out for creating “exactly the kind of innovative community outreach that the arts require.”

We have an integral $1,500 goal to meet and we can’t do it without you.

Will you step up and help us meet our match – before December 31 at midnight?

Thanks for your important support.

Happy New Year!

Ryan J. Davis
Vice President
Board of Directors

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Please support The Deconstructive Theatre Project with an end of year tax-deductible contribution. Your gifts toward our $5,000 fundraising goal underwrite performing and teaching artist fees, state of the art creative media equipment, rehearsal space, and subsidized theatre tickets for underserved students – no amount is too big, no amount is too small.

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The Deconstructive Theatre Project thanks everyone who came out to share in THE ORPHEUS VARIATIONS at HERE this week. We had a tremendous time bringing this production back to New York City – check out the enthusiastic buzz!

“Don’t call it theatre. Don’t call it film. Call it an experience, and whatever you do, just go!…[The Orpheus Variations is] one of the most evocative, stimulating, and astonishing experiences to occupy a theatre in quite a while…In a city as vast as New York, where entertainment choices are in no short supply, the decision making can be the most difficult part. During the short run of The Orpheus Variations there should be no other choice and no other ticket to buy; for any other experience cannot compare, or be as memorable.” – Benjamin Coleman, Theatre is Easy
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“Through an innovative mixture of film and theatre, The Deconstructive Theatre Project has developed a beautiful, affective, thought-provoking style of storytelling that transports the audience into an alternate world of poetry…This style of ensemble theater, working as a collective to utilize elements of new technology along with more traditional storytelling and poetry, places [T]he Deconstructive Theatre Project within an experimental genealogy that includes such trail-blazers as The Wooster Group and The Builders Association. With such attention to detail…the product is transportive.” – Sarah Lucie, Show Business Weekly
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“This is exactly the kind of theatre we should all promote. Today with so many people’s faces looking down into smart phones, it is important to combine modern technology with live stage performances…The Orpheus Variations is a genius new piece of live theatre…Off Broadway is alive and well at The Deconstructive Theatre Project.” – Richard Cameron, The Examiner
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“With The Deconstructive Theatre Project’s fascinating The Orpheus Variations theater has traveled as far as it perhaps ever can from the pre-electricity tradition of big costumes, exaggerated movement, and voice projection…A remarkable piece of theater at its most modern yet alive with ancient myth and the equally ancient yen to create an absorbing and memorable live-action theatrical experience…It is…a beautiful piece of art.” – Jon Sobel,
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“There was a point in The Orpheus Variations’ short 45-minute progress where I thought to myself, I should really just drop everything and join an experimental theater company. It’s so exciting to see a production whose mission is so purposeful and whose work is not only unique, but also innovatively reflective on the future of the performing arts.” – Sara Zweig, Letters from the Mezzanine
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“A reimaging of a beloved myth as an exploration of memory + the past, The Orpheus Variations is the perfect marriage of form + content to create a wholly unique + engaging theater-going experience…what I find most exciting…is that it is quite literally impossible for any two audience members to experience the piece in the same way…The Orpheus Variations has masterfully reinvented what live theater can mean for the individual, while illuminating the utter complexity + subjectivity of our own consciousness.” – Maryam Zaringhalam, Art Lab
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“This [c]ompany with Adam J. Thompson, have created a myth of Orpheus which is unlike any that preceded it and provide the audience with an array of variations satisfying to every critical ear…The spirit of Virginia Woolf consumes the theatre as the [c]ompany creates a room of Orpheus’ own illuminated by his stream of consciousness recollection of his past. Resist as it might, the audience falls prey to the temporary dissolution of its ego strength and swims freely in the surreal seams of the Id where it finds unexpected surcease and comfort. Orpheus and the audience experience catharsis, redemption, and release and emerge ready to re-enter life’s stage.” – David Roberts, Theatre Reviews Limited
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