Patrick Scheid

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Patrick Scheid is a performance-based artist and theatre-maker whose original works include Someday Americans (Target Margin/Connelly Theater), Over (Art Connects NY), Malte’s Masks (Dixon Place), Obeisant to Anathema (Triskelion), and Zara Notes (HERE). To his great pleasure, Patrick was the associate artistic director of Philly-based Homunculus Inc., has collaborated with Tugboat Collective, and has been a long time company member of Theater Reconstruction Ensemble. He studied dramatic literature at Queen Mary College, University of London; and is a graduate of Muhlenberg College where he received a BA for Theatre and History. Patrick is currently developing Einsamste Einsamkeit, a hypersensory installation that explores Nietzsche’s theory of Eternal


Searching for Sebald

Patrick Scheid - Final