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I can’t remember the last time I was so captivated by a production… I truly can’t. NY Theater Now

Through an innovative mixture of film and theatre, The Deconstructive Theatre Project has developed a beautiful, affective, thought-provoking style of storytelling that transports the audience into an alternate world of poetry…This style of ensemble theater, working as a collective to utilize elements of new technology along with more traditional storytelling and poetry, places [T]he Deconstructive Theatre Project within an experimental genealogy that includes such trail-blazers as The Wooster Group and The Builders Association. With such attention to detail…the product is transportive. Show Business Weekly

It’s so exciting to see a production whose mission is so purposeful and whose work is not only unique, but also innovatively reflective on the future of the performing arts.Letters from the Mezzanine

The Orpheus Variations has masterfully reinvented what live theater can mean for the individual, while illuminating the utter complexity + subjectivity of our own consciousness.ArtLab

Don’t call it theatre. Don’t call it film. Call it an experience, and whatever you do, just go!…one of the most evocative, stimulating, and astonishing experiences to occupy a theatre…In a city as vast as New York, where entertainment choices are in no short supply, the decision making can be the most difficult part. During the run of The Orpheus Variations there should be no other choice and no other ticket to buy; for any other experience cannot compare, or be as memorable.Theatre is Easy

This is exactly the kind of theatre we should all promote. Today with so many people’s faces looking down into smart phones, it is important to combine modern technology with live stage performances…The Orpheus Variations is a genius new piece of live theatre…Off Broadway is alive and well at The Deconstructive Theatre Project.The Examiner

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