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Searching for Sebald Work-in-Progress Sharing Photographs

Photographs from last week’s work-in-progress sharing of Searching for Sebald at FiveMyles are here. Click below to have a look via Facebook.

Photo credits: Bina Santos and Marine Cornuet

Theater in the Now Searching for Sebald Features

We’ve wrapped our spring development period of Searching for Sebald, and it’s the perfect time to catch up on all of Theater in the Now’s works-in-progress features with members of the company.
Click here to read the lot, in the following order:Bows

Adam J. Thompson,
Founding Director and Director of Searching for Sebald
Arielle Lever,
Performance Ensemble
Katie Fleming,
Props Designer
Dina Paola Rodriguez,
Production Stage Manager
Amanda Dieli,
Performance Ensemble
Howie Kenty,
Michelle Persoff,
Costume Designer
Sean Hanley,
Analogue Film Designer
Chapman Riedel,
Line Producer and Performance Ensemble


Theater in the Now: Chapman Riedel

Theater in the Now kicks off its new Works-in-Progress series with a look at the process of creating Searching for Sebald. Come back every Monday for a new interview with a different member of the production’s creative team.

First up, Line Producer and ensemble member Chapman Riedel.

Click here to read the interview!

Chapman Riedel Work in ProgressPhoto: Mitch Dean

Intern Call

The Deconstructive Theatre Project is currently looking to hire two stage management interns and one directing intern to support the creation of our new intermedia production, Searching for Sebald, rehearsing between late February and late May 2014.

The stage management interns should have experience working in such a capacity in the past and be familiar with stage management vocabularies and responsibilities – a history in film/with storyboarding is especially useful. The directing intern should have some experience in directing or working as a dramaturg in devised and/or collaborative performing arts.

Both stage management and directing interns will be asked to coordinate a number of tasks – taking notes, uploading video, tracking materials, etc, and will also become vital players in the development of the project. There is no pay for the internship, but college credit is available to current students. Interns are expected to attend most rehearsals.

Interested parties should send a quick email cover letter detailing past experiences and current interests and resume to Founding Director Adam J. Thompson at for the directing internship and to Adam and Production Stage Manager Dina Paola Rodriguez at for the stage management internships.

Questions may be directed to Adam at

Meet Our Match

There are 48 hours left to make your 2013 tax-deductible contribution to The Deconstructive Theatre Project.

I believe so strongly in this company’s ability to continue breaking new ground in science, the performing arts, and arts education that I’ve agreed to match every donation up to $1,000 that comes in between now and December 31 at midnight. Your contribution – no matter the size – will work twice as hard for the company that Letters from the Mezzanine has called “so purposeful and…not only unique, but also innovatively reflective on the future of the performing arts,” and Brooklyn Council member Diana Reyna has singled out for creating “exactly the kind of innovative community outreach that the arts require.”

We have an integral $1,500 goal to meet and we can’t do it without you.

Will you step up and help us meet our match – before December 31 at midnight?

Thanks for your important support.

Happy New Year!

Ryan J. Davis
Vice President
Board of Directors